Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the little missouri: an adventure

Well, friends, we are slowly but surely beginning to experience the things you do when you live in North Dakota.

Apparently one of them is go swimming in the Little Missouri river. This is the last thing you would think of doing when you see the little missouri, as it is probably one of the muddiest rivers on record. And then our friends told us they were going to take us to the spot with the best mud pits. how fun!

It is truly beautiful, however, and it was a perfect day with blue skies and sunshine, inspiring a round or two of "the badlands, the blue skies, the shining west" which we learned in our excessive Medora Musical viewings.

We drove to the swimming location first on a paved road out past the Bully Pulpit Golf Course, then on a gravel road which then turned into a 2 track with 2 foot tall weeds ending up in a field in the middle of nowhere.

The river was quite flooded from all the rainstorms we've been getting lately, so much so that the mud pits were covered. Oh darn. It's a rocky river, full of excellent skipping stones and shale as well as an object which was probably a half rotted bone of some wild animal. Good times in the badlands!


  1. o dear. it does indeed look quite muddy.

  2. it looks like it's probably quite a bit warmer than swimming in the boise river!