Monday, July 5, 2010

4th fireworks

Medora knows how to do the Fourth of July. It's a weekend full of festivities, parades, shootouts, and of course, the musical. The most impressive of these of these was the fireworks. I've seen quite a few firework shows in my life, and these take the cake by far.

The fireworks start around 11:15, after everyone has had a chance to get down from the amphitheater hill after the musical, and they are shot off from behind the main office, which backs up to the buttes on the edge of town. Sheila Schafer's (the queen of Medora) house is directly across the street from the office, and all the employees watch the show from her front lawn. They were directly above us and you could feel them through your body reverberating off the cliffs.

you can see the main office and the butte in the background, they were so close!

Sheila also handed out free ice cream bars, which makes it just that much better. After the fireworks ended and every one had cheered for them, the crowd began shouting "Thank you Shelia" in unison. What a nice bonding moment for the TRMF employees and friends!

grand finale!

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  1. i can't believe sheila gave you ice creams bars... i'm super jealous!