Friday, June 18, 2010

Medora tour, part one: Marquis de Mores

The Marquis de Mores is the french aristocrat who founded this lovely town, but more importantly, it is the name of the town's favorite ice cream parlor and bake shop.

The Marquis underwent some renovations the beginning of the
summer, resulting in some early tourists who were saddened to find their favorite ice cream parlor closed. A fresh coat of bright red paint was applied, new freezers were installed and the heart shaped chairs and the giant portraits of The Marquis and his lovely bride Medora
welcome you as you enter.

When it finally opened for the season, employees and tourists alike flocked to get a scoop of their favorite flavor of Medora-made ice cream. I've heard that the Pecan Praline is a favorite, but I couldn't get past this one:

Yes, there is a flavor called Musical Fruit. Is this a jab at the male Burning Hills Singers? is it secretly bean flavored ice cream? or is it really just some really tasty purple ice cream with giant chunks of frozen berries?

If you come visit us we'll buy some for you.

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  1. Emily, the pecan praline is most certainly the best!